Beyond the great taste of the product, Sports Pouch’s true advantage lies in its packaging. Consumer frustration with opening boxed or pouch beverages has come to it’s limitations.

The Sports Pouch comes with a pull-push spout that reseals its container. Gone are the days of lost straws, inconvenient spills and wasted beverage!

With pull-push spout pouch technology, consumer use problems with pouch beverage packaging are eliminated. Opening a juice drink shouldn’t be so difficult. It shouldn’t dirty up little Sally’s nice dress or dad’s white shirt over and over again. And when Sally can’t finish it, it’s nice to have a re-sealable container without the bulk.

Customer surveys taken in Southern California have indicated strong consumer demand for a new aseptic beverage fortified with vitamins and minerals. With automated beverage filling equipment and spout technology controlled by Sports Pouch Beverage Company, Inc., the company is in position to provide the marketplace both as a manufacturer and a co-packer, a consumer friendly beverage pouch package at a competitive price with attractive profitability.

With it’s combination of next generation pouch packaging technology, co-packing manufacturing, new brand beverage line and established beverage distribution contacts, Sports Pouch Company, Inc. is positioned to provide the marketplace with advance beverage pouch packaging and a new brand beverage at competitive pricing while allowing for attractive profit margins and strong growth potential.
GILBERT ARVIZU, President and CEO, is a long-time food and beverage broker operating his own company, G.T.E Food Brokers, from 1978-1988. During these ten years, Gil helped launch Tina’s brand of frozen burritos and Mexican entrees, Grande Foods and Michael Angelo’s frozen Italian entrees into brands producing over $100 million in annual sales.

In 1988, he sold his company to CBBH, one of the largest food brokerage firms in California, and joined them as a group Vice President responsible for Meat, Deli, Service Deli and frozen categories.

In 1995, he was directly responsible for introducing a full line of Green Burrito brand, high-end burritos, to the Southern California retail food chains and achieved 80% authorization in only six months.

For the past five years, he has been consulting food manufactures and chain restaurants on restructuring their sales forces and introducing new items into the retail food chains. Most exciting, he has now developed a new innovative packaging concept for the pourable beverage industry and founded Sports Pouch Beverage Company, Inc.