It’s visible nearly everywhere you go. It’s an eyesore. It’s an environmental issue. It’s an invasion. It’s America’s problem. Litter. One of America’s greatest and latest inventions, the plastic drinking bottle, is one of the leading culprits in her littering problem.

Trash that has fallen from the waste container is bad enough. When it rolls across the street, is blown into our parks and lakes or lies in our path when walking down a sidewalk, it becomes more than a nuisance, it is now a bigger problem. The bottle is filling our landfills at an alarming rate.

Recycle? Yes. As much as our  institutions, schools and cities have made the effort to provide recycling solutions, human behavior, er, laziness, has thwarted the progress. The efforts are returning to waste management who now attempt to recycle upwards of 65% of collected trash. While that is wonderful news, the bottle, in trash cans, recycling bins or in bags waiting for recycling, is taking the space of waste we would rather put there. The answer is not more trash and recycling bins, but less.

Gary, an avid bottle and can recycler, commented on the efforts schools are making such as providing recycling containers on their campus’s and in their stadiums.

“It worked at one time. But the problem is the containers are smaller than trash bins and kids don’t want to bend over or go out of their way to recycle the bottle They feel guilty throwing it in the trash but they litter anyway, so it ends up under the bleachers or behind a fence and eventually in a field or park.”

When they outline our streets and fill our gutters, air blowers send the bottles flying, while the dirt and garbage gets picked up. They will end up in our storm drains, in our oceans and on our beaches. The majority of these will never be recycled.

It’s OUR problem. America is ready for a new technology. Landfills have had enough. Recycling is limited. A ten to one reduction in waste makes a tremendous impact on our earth. Can an isotonic drink container be an obvious solution? It IS the solution. It’s OUR soultion.