Sports Pouch Inc. is excited to partner with both new and existing brands, as we make new paths to become eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Our beverage co-packer facility in Corona, California, is working with us in several ways to meet the ever improving ideas and demands of our R & D.

The main piece of equipment for the pull-push pouch consists of a patent spout die and a Bossar flat pout machine. The company has an agreement with the manufacture to have the right of first refusal for the shipment of this type of machine to the United States of America or Mexico.

Standard equipment includes filling machine, case erector, case filler and bundler equipment all required in an efficient manufacturing process. This equipment can also be used in a co-packer configuration, should the company elect to co-pack beverages for other manufacturers.

The co-packer provides labor for the manufacturing process, except for a machine operator. Manufacturing supplies are based upon production activity. Product package artwork, box plates and film plates are fixed expenses provided by the company. Shipping and transportation activities are the responsibility of the distributor/broker. Manufacturing for fulfillment of each month’s sales will occur the month before the projected sale.

With a current production capability of 5,000 cases daily, Sports Pouch’s geographic market┬ácovers southern California and southern Nevada . Over time, as the marketplace accepts this beverage with its pull-push pouch packaging technology, the marketing will extend┬áto all of the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Central-South America.